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 Links to dance friends!

www.pashaland.com  - restaurant in Gaithersburg MD where I often dance!  LIVE music shows with the talented Master Oud Player, Shawkat Sayyed and Nazira!

http://www.serpentine.org/artemis/artemis.htm - site for Master Teacher/performer Artemis Mourat

www.nimeera.com - dancer in Northern Virginia

www.shadiyahdances.com - dancer in Maryland/D.C. area

www.samirashuruk.com - dancer in Maryland/Baltimore area

www.ShahrzadRaqs.com - website for the amazing Shahrzad, international dancer also based in the D.C. area.

http://www.mosaique-center.org/ - dance studio featuring the amazing Katayoun with specialties in Persian dance, Belly Dance and other dances of the middle and far east.  Located in Sterling VA.

http://habibastudio.com -  Habiba of Philadelphia, Master Teacher/performer

www.artofthebelly.com - Amazing Belly Dance convention held annually in O.C. Maryland. 
                                       Hosted by Naimah and Troupe Amandari

www.jewelsoftheorient.com  - Wonderful Belly Dance Convention held annually in Dover, Deleware.
                                                Hosted by the amazing Nefertiti and Loreli.

www.eastcoastbellydance.com - convention and competition hosted annually in Hampton, VA.

www.lotusniraja.com - dancer and organizer of Belly Dance Nationals

www.bellydancestore.biz  - amazing costumes imported by the lovely Shahrzad

www.fitnesspharaoh.com - personal trainer and "Fitness Pharaoh"  Gerson Kuhr

www.wameda.org -  Washington Area Middle Eastern Dance Association

www.cheekygirlsproductions.com -  Michelle Joyce, producer of DVD's and "The Belly Dance Project"

Amustela is so proud to have been on the cover and one of the featured dancers in the fitness DVD "Core Training for Belly Dancers"  with the Fitness Pharaoh, Gerson Kuhr.  Appearing with Nimeera and Aliyah,  this challenging workout will strengthen your core.  This workout is ideal for dancers and nondancers alike

Available from  www.fitnesspharaoh.com.  
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