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Classes starting up November 5, 2018 - each Monday night from 8 - 9 p.m. Belmont NC - see below for details. 


​Belly Dance Classes -

J. Paul Ford Center

37 E. Woodrow Ave, Belmont NC 28012

Nov. 5 - Jan 7,  8 - 9 p.m. Each Monday

Come and learn the amazing art of Belly Dance! Belly Dance is an ancient art form celebrated around the world for it's mysterious quality and multiple health benefits. This non-western dance form utilizes the core of the body to initiate most movements - so a strengthening and increased flexibility of core muscles, so essential for wellness, are improved. This fun and exciting dance form also has cardio benefits - with little to no impact on joints. Find increased vitality, mentally and physically, by exploring and learning Belly Dance.

Amustela is an award winning Belly Dance artist and master instructor, that has performed and taught at every prestigious event in the Eastern United States and beyond. Amustela has a unique understanding of the physical mechanics of movement and promises to offer this dance training in the most comprehensive, safe and effective way possible. This class is suitable for all levels of fitness and experience. In Amustela's classes, you will see students of all ages and body types, from many different walks of life. No matter what their size, shape, or age, each student has something unique to say which can be expressed through this lovely dance. 
$105 for the 8 week course or $15 per lesson.

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Workshop rates are $150 per hour of instruction plus travel expenses. 

Performance rates for parties start at $450 - plus expenses. 

Private or semi-private lessons are $75 per hour

Group Classes - $15 per lesson, starting November 5.