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 Amustela is very proud to be the troupe director of the "Ladies of Sansar".   This troupe has been together since 2002 and won 2nd place Troupe in the East Coast Belly Dance Classic in 2004.


​Award  Winning Belly Dancer Master Instructor and Artist

Now hosting the "Dans Zarif Soiree" Dancer Showcase see schedule for details

​                                Workshops with Amustela

Amustela has many workshop lessons available - she has had the honor of teaching for many prestigious venues such as the Washington Area Dance Association (WAMEDA,) Jewels of the Orient Belly Dance Festival and Competition, Art of the Belly, the Delaware Drum and Dance event, Dangerous Curves Dance Festival, Desert Moon PA and for the Tiraz Dance Network.  Amustela has gotten rave reviews on her workshops and teaching style.

Amustela is considered a master of the "American Cabaret" Style and an expert and aficionado of Vintage Cabaret and "Golden Age" styles.  Amustela is also an engaging lecturer and has presented at numerous prestigious events on the history, social, immigration influences and culture of the dance.

Her veil work is considered one of the best and she is known for her signature "Toss and catch" move.

Specialties include;
Stage Presence and Drama in Dance
Vintage/Golden Age Era Bellydance styles
The "American Cabaret" - Knowing the Restaurant Show
The "American Cabaret" Style - The history and Technique

Super Shimmies - traveling combinations for drum solo

Holistic Hips - Let's Raq the Lower Half

"All Styles Welcome" - combinations that work

"Slow it Down" - the "exciting" taqsim
 Drum solo and  sensational Shimmy combinations

"Let's Raq the Lower Half" traveling steps for Drum solo
Basic Technique and Foundations of Belly Dance

Cane techniques - choreography based lesson

Balancing and dancing - a use of candle tray and sword
Intermediate and Advanced Veil Techniques

The Veil - "Simply Beautiful" a choreography based workshop

Am Cab veil technique, "Wraps, unwraps and other veil tricks"
Beautiful Arms and Poses - it can make or break your dance
"Short Edge" - Sassy Veil work
Finger Cymbal/Zil basics and musicality
Planning Choreography - use of Space
Improvisational Dancing - Working with the Band

Preparing for and dancing with fire, Candle Tray & Shamadam
Multiple Choreography based workshops - including veil, zils, drum solo, baladi, balancing, sword and all aspects of a full show - Contact me and I would love to work with you to plan your event, hafla or other lesson opportunities.


Amustela is a skilled instructor  and coach in the art of American Cabaret Style or Orientale' Style Belly Dance.  Having over 25 years of professional performance experience, 30 years of class, workshop and private instruction experience Amustela enjoys teaching the art, history and technique of the dance.

Amustela currently teaches dance either through her workshops or private and semiprivate lessons that can be arranged by appointment.  She is a competition veteran and can also coach in preparation for competitions. 
Amustela is available to travel for workshops and performances. 

Amustela focuses her beginning lessons on classic style - which sets the basics for posture, technique and musicality.   After the basics are in place, she adds more drama and theatrics, as well as elements of Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese and folkloric dances.   Amustela is skilled in teaching musicality, performance dynamics,  veil,  sword dancing, cane, finger cymbals (zills) and balancing techniques.   Amustela is serious about instruction speaking to the "entire package" of what it is to be a complete dancer.

There are variations within middle eastern dance, and Amustela encourages the dancer to blend them to develop your own personality as a dancer.  However she also teaches the history and cultural aspects of the movements and stresses that we must know our roots before we fuse our dance.   Amustela’s philosophy is to enjoy the dance. This is a dance that uses the entire body and face to express to sensuous and beautiful spirit of a woman. Whether you do this audiences or for fitness ... dance first for yourself.


Private lessons -  range from $70 per hour but price may differ depending on level of difficulty, prop instruction etc...

 Workshop Rates - $175 per hour of instruction - negotiable, with contract.

Private party performance - Starts at $400 for standard 20 - 30 minutes performance,  + mileage and travel costs.