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​​February   2018      Sweetheart Gala Bellydance Festival 2018

​                              Saint Augustine, Florida

                              sponsored by Blue Lotus Bellydance


​March 2018             Pyramid Road - Road Trip 2018 with Marta Korzun

​                               March 3 - 4  Mooresville, NC  


​                               Art of Belly 

                               March 23-25  Ocean City, Maryland


April 2018                Davis and Elkins College Dance Festival  2018                                 

                                Amustela will be presenting a lecture and technique class (2 hours)

American Cabaret – “The First Fusion”

 Come and dance through time in this combination historical lecture and dance technique workshop.  Amustela will take you on a journey that started at the turn of the 19th Century with “Little Egypt” through the mid 20th century.   The immigration patterns, the pop culture and world events all influenced and left their mark on “Belly Dance” as it was developing in the United States.  Dance combinations and the evolution of the “the restaurant show” will be explored.   This workshop is suitable for all levels of dancers, handouts will be provided. 

May 12 2018   Under a Bellydance Moon - Workshop and Show!!!    Featuring the Award Winning Leilah Moon,  2018 East Coast                          Classic Professional and People's Choice Champion!   Check out the details on the Home page!

​July 5 -7     R.A.W.  The Real Artist Within.  Salt Lake City Utah

​July 27 -28  Bloom Festival of Awakening - Charlotte NC.   - more info TBA
                                                                 The Shed Amphitheater at Station House
                                                                 600 E Sugarcreek rd, Charlotte, North Carolina 28213

​August 2 - 5    Belly Dance Masters, Orlando Florida


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