​​​​                              August 12            Pyramid Roads Production - Munique Neith of Barcelona, Spain

                                                                                                                Weekend Intensive - Saturday Night Dancer's Showcase

​                                                           Show time 7:30 p .m. The Joe V. Knox auditorium, Charles Mack                                                                    Citizen Center.  215 N Main Street, Mooresville, NC.

                                                                                                                For tickets and registration please visit - www.pyramidroad.com/registration.html

                                              August 25 -27        Jewels of the Orient - Bellydance and Wellness Festival 


​                                 September 9           We Will Raq You VII - Sponsored by Queen's of D'Nile

​                                                                8 p.m.  - 10 p.m.  The Laureate Center Kannapolis, NC
                                                                TICKET SALES ARE LIVE NOW!!

                                                                We Will Raq You is a belly dance show like no other!
                                                                Since 2011, WWRY has combined hard rock and heavy metal music with                                                                       high-energy Cabaret, Tribal, Fusion, ATS, and Theatrical belly dance.

​                                 September 14 -17     Essence of Bellydance 7  Atlanta GA

​                                                                Twelve Hotel Atlantic Station   361 17th Street NW    Atlanta, GA 30363

​                                                                Competition, Workshops and Gala shows!

​                                                                Check out http://essenceofbellydance.com/

                                 September 23         9th Annual Project Shimmy - Sponsored by the Twisted Dance Collective
                                                                                                             7:30 p.m.     Van Dyke Performance Space
                                                               200 North Davie Street, Greensboro, North Carolina 27401

​                                                                                                             For Tickets    http://projectshimmy.brownpapertickets.com/​

                                                           January 18 - 21  2018        East Coast Belly Dance Classics - Hampton Roads VA

                                                                           Teaching 2 Workshops - Performance in Gala Show and more!

                                                                           Many fabulous teachers, intensives and competition!

                                                                           Sign up at - eastcoastbellydance.com

Amustela's workshops will include...

  American Cabaret – “The First Fusion”

 Come and dance through time in this combination historical lecture and dance technique workshop.  Amustela will take you on a journey that started at the turn of the 19th Century with “Little Egypt” through the mid 20th century.   The immigration patterns, the pop culture and world events all influenced and left their mark on “Belly Dance” as it was developing in the United States.  Dance combinations and the evolution of the “the restaurant show” will be explored.   This workshop is suitable for all levels of dancers, handouts will be provided. 

Vintage Orientale, Subtle Magic

 Amustela will explore the technique and essence of “Vintage or Classic” Orientale.  This will be a choreography based workshop (Al Atal – “The Ruins”) where you will learn combinations, technique and the subtle hallmarks of what comprises the “Classic” show.  Learn to dance to the soulful music of Om Kalthoum as you explore the vintage oriental dance vocabulary.  Some belly dance experience would be helpful but not absolutely necessary.   Handouts will be provided.          





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